Work in progress

So I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a little as this summer has been insane. My partner turned 30 and we had her friend from Norway visiting us for a week. Then we went on vacation out east for a couple of weeks, which includes my best friend getting married! I’m off again for a second reception for that wedding, and we get the keys to our first house on August 18th! All that to say that crocheting has taken a backseat to life. But I’m back into it and have been working on a pair of hats – one for my partner and a matching one for our 1 year old niece. The pattern is the Cora Hood by kmtcreations, and I love it! It uses the star stitch which was new to me but looks pretty neat. I had some initial trouble with the gauge, but I realized I needed to have tighter stitches for it to work out. 
My main issue right now is that the seam up the back is spiralling… The pattern is worked in the round, but uses a slipped stitch at the end of each round to join together. Usually my projects don’t have quite such a drastic spiral but I’m not sure how to stop it… Any suggestions? 

I also rcebrtly finished off a gorgeous cowl that I will also have to show off another time as I don’t have it with me this weekend. This summer has been so wonderful I can’t begin to describe it. How is everyone else enjoying their summer? What are you working on?