March Break Knits

March Break Knits

So I went on a little vacation with my fiancĂ©e’s family over March Break, and it was WONDERFUL. They have a time share in a little cabin on Mont St. Sauveur, and so it was warm and cozy and full of reading and crocheting, with a little snowboarding in between. It was actually a little too warm out to snowboard most of the time, plus it rained a fair bit, making the hills not so great. BUT, more time to be cozy inside 🙂

I finished three projects over the break (not bigs ones, I’m not THAT good) and I’m excited to share them! The first two are oh so similar, lovely bulky crocheted headbands with a decorative flower on the side of the head. One was made in Lion Brand Woolspun Purple, and the other in Forrest Green of the same yarn. They turned out so gorgeous. I also made a cute 3-tiered flower to sit on top from Very Berry Handmade‘s pattern.

I am super proud of these guys, and they are now in my Etsy Shop Light as a Button 🙂

I had already finished a lovely hat I wanted to post about too! I made one for my partner, who loved it just as much as I did, and I decided to knit another one to sell online. I made it from an adorable pattern by Emily Dormier on Ravelry (if you haven’t heard of it, go register now, it’s fabulous), with a purple/aqua colour combo. I wasn’t sure with the colour matching going on, but it turned out great!

Lastly, I knit a different headband, but i hated how it turned out and it will never be mentioned again. I just feel like so many bloggers only post the amazing stuff they do, and I’m sure they have some items that just turn out awful as well, we just don’t hear about them. I can’t possibly be the only one!!

Thanks for stopping by, keep me posted about your new knits!



New Blog, New Projects!

New Blog, New Projects!

Hi Everyone! I was originally waiting to write my very first blog post until i had some pictures of my projects, but I got too excited and just couldn’t wait! Apparently this week is just so crazy busy, and I’m away all next week (Woohoo!) so I figured I’d bite the bullet and post sans pictures.

My new craze are the crocheted bulky headbands, I have been trying out a whole bunch of them! I am really happy with the last one I made, adapted from Rescued Paw Designs Cabled Ear Warmer Pattern. I chose to use a deep forest green for the first one, and a gorgeous plum/purple for the second one, both using Lion Brands Woolspun yarn Bulky 5. They turned out so great! (Cue imagination picture here)

Next on my bucket list is Mama In a Stitch’s Golden Fave Twist Headband pattern. I’ve made it once before, and I love the stitch – so simple but looks so pretty. The only thing is that Mine always turn out to be monstrous, and that’s after cutting down on the number of chains I’m doing. I just started another one with only 11 chains instead of 15 and it’s still too big. I may have to try 9! 

See? Too big. 

I honestly prefer to work headbands with a small chain widthwise than work them lengthwise. For some reason, I have a hard time with the beginning chain, and when it’s 50 chains long, it just doesn’t work for me. Any one else feel this way? Unfortunately so many patterns are lengthwise, and I don’t trust myself so come up with a completely new pattern yet.

I may update this post with pictures when I get home, but lets be real – there is just so much do to I may not.

EDIT: I actually took a picture guys!!